We give quality Kampot Pepper...

Black Pepper

Black Pepper

Black Peppercorn are from the green berries and turns black when processed and sun dried.

US$ 6.50

Red Pepper

Red Pepper

Red peppercorns are from the ripe red berries which after processed and sun-dried turn into Red Pepper.

US$ 8.75

White Pepper

White Peppercorn are the same as Red Pepper with the skin removed.

US$ 8.50

What makes us different?

We are able to guarantee all out products’ quality and their organic compliance at every stage from farm to market as we farm, harvest, select, sun dry, pack and market them ourselves.

We only use natural fertilizer such as cow dune, bird droppings from the surrounding mountain and crashed cow bones. Every alternate year a layer of new soil is added.
We only use natural repellent based on the root of local plant, a knowledge handed down from ancestors. We NEVER use any pesticide.

Kampot Pepper

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