Kampot Pepper is the organic pepper grown in Kampot Province, Cambodia a ‘terroir’ defined by European Union’s Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). The natural environment of this region leads to subtle difference of its quality and taste of green and fresh aromas with a hint of lime blossom which tends to linger on the tongue giving it that distinctive character which is sorted after by culinary chefs throughout the world.

To know more about Kampot Pepper, Protected Geographical Indication, The Book Of Specifications for Kampot Pepper, Kampot Pepper Promotion Association, click on it for their link.

How can I tell it is genuine Kampot Pepper ?

Kampot Pepper is defined clearly in The Book Of Specifications. The following can give a quick check:-

The packaging must display the following logos:


The Lot number of the package must be clearly marked to show year of harvest and able to trace to KPPA's member farm.